house SPRING

Text: from the interview with Nijole Storyk in "Lietuvos žinios" 2012-04-03

Photos: Dmitrij Kalashnikov  

Not a lifeless world

Like a life plumule spring is unconditionally invading houses and melting down frozen ground. It is warming, refreshing, shining and calming.

Interior and spring - such a combination is new and surprising in the residential environment. The concept is pretty brave given that the nature itself is demanding and not always willing to obey when human being is trying to conquer it and use it. Things that are suitable for nature cannot always be adapted in houses.

Architects followed pretty simple and known to most principle - interior is a lifestyle and by no means a lifeless world of furniture and items.

White as a flowering garden


-Why the best interior of "The interior of the year" was called "Spring"?

-The poetry of the word naturally evolved into the poetry of the interior. Such a title of the project was determined by unique sloping site which is surrounded by especially beautiful nature. The values of clients were relatively connected to the nature and plants.

-So it can be claimed that you placed a true spring inside of the house. What is your interior spring?

-The house is standing sort of notched into the slope. Poetry was suitable in this case: when snow starts to melt, there is a life awakening from below. Pretty tall space of the house which allows sunlight to enter. Inside there is a little winter garden. There are no corridors in the house. We simply did not need them. All the spaces converge into a beauty of spring.

-White spring interior is light and simple like a flowering garden. Isn't it scary to touch such a beauty with dirty shoes?

-Not at all. People feel good living in a clean, beautiful and white environment.

-Interior - white as a flowering garden. Why does this color dominate in the interior of the house?

-It is said that the best color is a natural light. This house receives a lot of light. Being inside of the house the one can feel transparency and light softness, a particular connection to the nature. White color creates a special mood in the living environment.

This color is neutral, that is why it is very harmonious. We chose such a color also because people living here are huge fans of painting. Canvas of painting is much more valueable than walls of the room. Valuable things, hanging on the white wall, will be even more noticeale. 

Highlights - fireplace and illuminators

-There are no internal walls in the space. You have divided it without seperating one part from another. How did you manage to do this?

-Soft bright furniture is arranged in a way which allows an easy communication. It creates a kind of semicircle, similarly to amphitheater.

Fireplace, like in the past, is located in the very center of the house and is intended to slightly split up the space as well as detalize the location of other objects. 

Fireplace seperates and at the same time unites recreation area with dining room. Its bottom is made of glass. When the fireplace is kindled its warmth spreads to all four sides of the room. It is cosy and comfortable.

In the past that was the way of building a house - the altar of fire used to be in the center surrounded by humans' lives. That is the same principle used by Mongols when they build their yurts.

Illuminators are hanging like clouds. That was done intentionally to maintain high ceilings. It is proved by scientists that the higher ceilings are, the lighter a person manages to think. Low ceilings burden both literally and figuratively. Chosen illuminators - "clouds" - become like the second ceiling. Concrete boundary has disappeared. It seems as if ceilings were not even there. 

There is no corridor in the house. Some spaces are untraditional, without four corners. What else did you abandon?

This time we got away without corridor however there are dark oak stairs which, like a corridor, unite two spaces of the house - private and the one dedicated to an active activity. 

Nowadays luxury involves a huge dining room which could accommodate huge table. You can rarely find a great painting in such a place. Even more rarely - home library.

In the back of the living room, behind a small partition there is a little home library. People living in this house read a lot. There is room in this house for books. House without books is like a tree without leaves. 

Which stage of the process is the most interesting one? What do you think about the house whose interior has won the best interior of the year?

The process is interesting all the way through. It is not possible to single out anything. In the process of learning there is always some secret hidden. Creation is an infinite road.